These are the days of my life so far and I call it Three Score six because it sounds much nicer then 66.

It was indeed a magnificent day, the 5th of June 2016, a day and time in the ‘Present’. Surrounded by my family who told me that whatever I wanted to do would be their command for the day. And since I planned to do absolutely nothing they had not much to fear.

We walked early in the morning, followed by a simple but together Breakfast. Next stop was the garden playing some Ballgames where I did win the Netball Challenge before moving on to some  therapeutic gardening and Board games. Shaking of heads by the grandchildren about my gardening, they went on to make some money, buying property for the next 3 hours via Monopoly.  We had ice cream and cake before Dinner, why not, amidst lots of laughter and love right throughout the day. The family did well to the extent that I got permission to take pictures on the morning walk with my son and daughter walking backwards as they like their privacy. Hardly a phone or gadget inside except to order some food.

Living in the ‘Present’ or the ‘Now’ is most important for anyone because it’s in those days, hours or moments that you experience returned love, a seed you planted when you made a choice of how to live your life. And for me that’s all the time.

Today I am grateful for a new day despite still being sidelined from running, but this too shall pass (very soon).

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