Setbacks are inevitable in life. Don’t ever react to it, but respond. Never let the thought of failure enter your mind because of a setback. There is absolutely no need for it. Just give thanks for the situation and you’re back on your way to victory.

IMG_0202Apart from it being pretty cold early in the morning, it looked like the perfect day to accomplish the goal of running a qualifying Marathon for London 2017. The training during all the previous months went well, I felt strong and ready to conquer. There was only one major point I neglected in all my preparation. I didn’t really know what it meant to run a trail Marathon. And Trail it was. Everything went as planned, the time was perfect (a little too fast) until I jumped one jump to many attempting to navigate the path at 10 miles into the race. A sharp pain in my Back signaled the beginning of the end. By Mile 11 I was in excruciating pain and ceased up. Holding my back and ribs with both hands, I hobbled on to Mile 14.27 where I found my daughter and some medical staff to attend to me.

Pain Marathon

Not too sure about the statement ‘Pain is just weakness leaving the body’ on my race number 426. It felt more like the opposite. A few days rest and recovery will give me time to give thanks, reflect and come up with a response and plan.

This too shall pass.


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