Ocean DiamondBouncing back.

It’s only 4 days since I hurt my back during a long planned, but not completed Marathon and I have already made some decisions of how to move forward. This is what I wrote to a friend just now.

‘Just thinking about the bouncing back. Have to place a demand on my wisdom to talk sense to me. This may sound funny but whilst I love running I now need to concentrate on running my business. That’s the other motivating and inspiring force. Make Life Better’. If you can keep a secret (it’s not really a secret) I have already found another race.’

In life we can become so obsessed with something that we easily sacrifice our path of purpose. We have to make decisions and go back to where we should be, whilst our obsession needs to be tamed so it is fit for the purpose.

And then I received a most encouraging mail, Thank you, you know who you are.

‘Like in your “Marathon career” success and lessons learned will be part of the road. Talk your goals. Many people don’t do that because they are afraid of the feedback of others in case they do not reach their goals.

You stand for your goals. And you know what –  I have never seen a successful person achieving his or her vision and goals on a straight road forward.

Singapore – here I come.

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