New Lease on Life? No, I own it.

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I was born at the perfect time right bang in the middle of the 20th century – June 1950. This of course, means that I have lived through the most fascinating times for the last 66 years. Happy and unhappy times, hardship, disastrous set backs, ups and downs.  Comfortable times turning into abundance and taken me back to the beginning again. Poverty is a mindset, not connected to economic status. I have learned to appreciate every season of my life and learned to dump the not so pleasant experiences into the abyss of the great ocean to never surface again. 

Yes, I am Gertraud Walburga  “Strong Spear”  a name given to me by my parents when I was born in 1950. I don’t believe for even one moment that they realised the meaning of the name. As for me, it carved out my life’s journey and became an accelerator of who I have become. Could my life, or who I am or have become, have turned have turned out differently? ? I don’t think so.

Today,  I count it as an honour to be called Strong Spear. My life has been a constant reminder of this name. I am a Warrior, Fighter and Over comer, a Spear skillfully used to Make Life Better. My frustrations, failures and fears in life disappear when I think of the future ahead of me. I look back on the innumerable victories, success and divine appointments knowing that I’ll be propelled again and again into the air flying high, gliding into new territories.

Back to my Story

I grew up in a family with 8 siblings. My parents were what we called the ‘War Generation’.  They lived through difficult times. They would not talk very often about it, and from the little we heard they experienced their own challenges with what happened. With hindsight I realise that they were quite extraordinary people, living by a conviction that did not align itself with what was happening in Germany. All I knew is, that they met and married in Brussels which was the centre of communications for the Air Force where my father was serving. 

Despite the hardship, I remember my first 10 years as a happy time, from walking bare feet, to only having one pair of boots, to nothing but hand me downs from my older sisters. We had to work hard at home, school and in my mother’s large Acker (field) which made provision for the basic food, with water, bread, potatoes and greens as a staple diet. Oranges and chocolate were a luxury and only had at Easter and Christmas time.

The next decade slowly accelerated into who I was to become. Marching in Prague on the 1st of May celebrations at 17, pelting tomatoes on politicians, to slowly becoming anti-establishment. My wish to continue my higher education was denied, which resulted in me becoming a little rebel. I ran away from home, slept on concrete floors in my brothers dorm at University, where his friend would stand guard when I used the shower. Food was scarce, but my freedom was worth it.  Woodstock, hippy times (with all its attachments) and ‘walking to San Francisco with flowers in my hair’ concluded my teens. 

I left Germany in 1970 to study in Paris, having met a boy who I genuinely thought was the one.  These were a glorious 4  years. I made lifelong friends, enriched myself by sharing my life with different cultures, and yet experiencing genuine racism. Thank God there was no Happy Ending!  Easy to say looking back. My quest (it most certainly was subconscious) for my purpose continued, and on the 11th February 1974 I arrived in London for a short holiday in a packed car with some Italian friends.

It was in London,  I met a young man and never went back to Paris, except to collect my belongings. That same year I became a born again Christian, I learned how to convert my rebelliousness into a passion, love and zest for life and my fellow man, with the sole purpose of making life better for everyone.  I had to learn how to accept and live with the estrangement of my parents who were unable to reconcile the fact that I married a black man. Sounds dramatic? I accepted then that due to their backstory of life deep down they would always struggle, but time would open doors to a reconciliation and it indeed it.  

Fast forward 43 years, today I’m still with the slightly older young man, with a beautiful family of seven (including my daughter, my son and his family).

We worked hard through good and bad times, slowly enjoying the fruits of our labour, at times living in our beautiful paradise in our Villa in Jamaica, whilst always giving back.  Then disaster struck!  It was as if a massive sinkhole opened up and tried to swallow us whole!

And in June 2010, when I celebrated my 60th birthday I was stressed to the limit, with a high blood pressure of 217/118.  My doctors were convinced that I was going to suffer a stroke.  I didn’t feel like celebrating my 60th at all.  I’d most certainly lost the joie de vivre I always had. My birthday photos were a clear indication that I had to do something to put things right, despite the smile on my face,  So I did.

In my defence (because there’s always a reason, yes?), the trigger that lead me to that moment was disastrous (we all have our own tragic stories, don’t we?). We lost our life’s work back in 2008/2009 and it was up to me to decide to make it better or be the victim.

You see what I chose.  Not easily, though. It took me two years of constant battles with myself to pull me from those depths.  And I made some progress.  But, then fell back again.

That’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? To succeed and then lose, especially knowing that you had it in you to maintain…but I digress because it’s all part of the path.

September 2012 marked the beginning of introducing nutritional supplements to my diet, halfheartedly, I must admit.  Almost exactly a year later in September 2013, the turning point came, triggered by a few words spoken to me in Park City in Utah.  The seeds of transformation were planted, and in November 2013 I slowly started to climb out of that hole, recorded a new weight of 149 lbs and a blood pressure of 160/90.

This was a massive achievement, validating that small consistent adjustments and never giving up are the keys to long-term better health. It was exhilarating. To finally have evidence that what I was doing was working.

It didn’t stop there. In June 2014 on my 64th birthday, I tipped another record weight of 145 lbs and a blood pressure of 148/85. YES!

My body monitor read my body age was 49.  Who would have thought it possible to shave 15 years off my age in just 12 months of maintenance of a new habit.


This led me eventually to start my own “Transform U” program and on October 24th, 2014 I began my ultimate 90-Day Transformation Challenge, a program unique to Unicity International to help individuals to achieve their Prime Health (emphasis is on health, not just weight loss), working with a Unicity-trained personal health coach to finally achieve my biggest goals.

I did.  I lost a further 9 pounds and shaved 7 inches off my waist. I truly felt better than I felt in my body in my entire life. Just like the marketing industry has led everyone to believe we can feel, but this is me. I now know what all the hype is about. I now know the hype? Is anything but.

My energy is through the roof on a daily basis. I run marathons at the ripe age of 65+ . I get up because I don’t want to lay around in bed, wasting the minutes of the day. I take care of my grandchildren and I feel like, well, a SUPER woman!

Because I chose me. Because I chose creating health. Because I stuck to it, even when I didn’t want to, especially in the beginning.

Our passion is best spent on doing the things we love, not avoiding the things we don’t.

I’m here to help you make choosing YOU easy, too. To help you decide and support your decision to maintain the course to a Healthy New You. To keep you motivated and strengthened because the path through the TRANSFORM U approach makes it the easiest decision you will have ever made.

My story is one I hold dear. And, now, in 2017, I’m fully committed to  Make Life Better. For me. For you. For anyone ready to take on their own health and make it their priority again.

What’s left is CHANGE.

What’s left is a life of fervor and vigor. And enough energy that THEY won’t be able to keep up with YOU anymore.

And all it takes is you.

I know because I was you and all it took was me making up my mind that there was more to life than feeling lost and left behind.

Because the old adage “the best is yet to come” is the absolute and verifiable truth. The present makes the future happen, so it’s never too late to TRANSFORM U…a belief I have lived my entire life, even when times were rough.

I do what I do because I believe.

I believe in myself.

I believe in you.

I believe writing a new story is simply the beginning of a life full of joie de vivre. Will you join me in writing your new and best story yet?

It’s time to write your new story

The story of your success

(And loss)