Coming off a slow meltdown weekend where I seriously questioned my apparent inability to move forwards. Activities which I used to enjoy as a balance to my Business endeavours have kind of derailed me.

Frustration set in when I literally spent all night until 5am in the morning to complete a once intermediate level assignment to screw it all up yet again.

So when I got up a few hours later I refused to go back to the same activity and spent the day differently. Normally I would have gone for a run, but due to a lingering slight cough I chose the next best thing. Alterations to the clothes I plan to take with me to Singapore in December as it’s the middle of summer there. I promised to deal with one item per day.

What happened next threw me off track and challenged me to re-think and make some changes. Not even the needle threader was good enough for me push the thread through the hole. Complete Idiots guide of how to thread a sewing machine needle did not help.

I conceded defeat for the day and packed it up.  Being me, this incident  got me in ‘Thinking overdrive’ which slowly melted down into some sweet revelation. At 65+ I live in a time where we as a generation are slowly overlooked as the demands of a 21st century thinking are too fast and furious for us. So instead of looking into ‘How can I overcome this’ we’ll pack it up and resign ourselves to a life of ‘I can’t do this anymore’

I am a Boomer and coming from the old time school of thought, I also enjoy the status of ‘Oma will fix it’ in my family. I fixed things all my life and I don’t just mean fixed things, I applied on a regular pattern Lifestyle Changes so that I could move forward.

Conventional wisdom says that when something is worn out we discard it. It’s simply too used up and too rundown.  It will never be what it once was. But there’s a different school of thought, a better school of thought with this simple two word counter-argument to that conventional wisdom.  FIX IT! 

Nothing is ever too worn, too  run down or too long gone.  You get the tools and skills you need to fix it, to go from old to  good as new and even better. It may take another reason, a new perspective but it’s never too late to be in the Prime of your Life.

How did I fix it? I realised that the natural light was inadequate, a missing light bulb did not help and starting with a black item was definitely not a good beginning. In a nutshell my timing for the task was wrong. Yesterday I my response to the dilemma was perfect. I waited for mid morning when the sun was shining and finished 2 garments, the black one to go first. And the needle Threader worked perfectly.

The moral of the story, go with the flow, don’t expect or compare outcomes to be the same you had 20 or 30 years ago. Re-invent yourself on a daily basis, make sure you change some habits so that you can enjoy your season and the fruits of your labour. The only competition you have is with yourself. And you have done pretty well so far, the best is yet to come.


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