Since I injured myself in May 2016 whilst running a Marathon, I’ve been struggling with the same injury. After working with an Osteopath and a Sports clinic I improved slightly but the pain resurfaced. It’s not that I didn’t get the correct advice, it’s that I didn’t keep up with the prescription of daily action.  My dream of running the 2018 London Marathon in a ‘Good for Age’ category time slowly disappeared. This made me kind of miserable,  but also triggered me to have another attempt to set the record straight.

I found a Massage Therapist*, with a ‘No Hands Massage approach’ who independently discovered the same issue and got to work on it. I also went back on a 100 miles trip to revisit the Injury clinic who diagnosed the damage at first. The culprit was again identified as my running style, but this time whilst out for a run with the Running Coach I had the magic Light bulb moment.

Guess what? I embraced the recommendation of changing my running intervals, created a running mantra and returned to the road. For 3 weeks I talked to myself during running, ‘ Relax your Ankles, Bent your Knees, Relax your body, Go with the flow ‘ and dare I say I’m gliding along the highways and bye-ways in a newly revived fashion, achieving much better interval times with and restored Hope that I have more than enough to reach  my goal.

A conclusion of the matter.  I had to re-visit my own saying that it’s ‘Never too late to Fix it’. And I also had to accept that I had to let go of my way of doing things. The  Mantra I created helped me to change my lenses, the way I looked at the apparent mountain and slowly and surely the mountains are coming down.

Most of you know that I use the Run Walk Run method by Jeff Galloway, using a 40sec/20sec interval. The first 2 weeks I changed to 5 min/1 min and now I’m using 11 min/1 min. My average pace over 1k is now 6:48 minutes, Hills, Traffic lights and avoiding pedestrians inclusive.

On Tuesday I found the best Interval method for myself.  Run 2k – Walk 1minute. My fastest 10k for a long time at an average pace of 6.14km , even though I attribute the increase of pace to less traffic on the road, enabling me to run without stopping too often.

kent-road-runnersMore than enough to run my qualifying time of under 5 hours in May.  All I need to do now is to maintain what I attained, stick to the training schedule and just run. That’s the big secret in life.

whenever you take up a challenge, just stick to it, whether it’s hail rain or in sunshine.

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