Three Score Six.

Three Score Six.

Change Your Life

These are the days of my life so far and I call it Three Score six because it sounds much nicer then 66.

It was indeed a magnificent day, the 5th of June 2016, a day and time in the ‘Present’. Surrounded by my family who told me that whatever I wanted to do would be their command for the day. And since I planned to do absolutely nothing they had not much to fear.

We walked early in the morning, followed by a simple but together Breakfast. Next stop was the garden playing some Ballgames where I did win the Netball Challenge before moving on to some  therapeutic gardening and Board games. Shaking of heads by the grandchildren about my gardening, they went on to make some money, buying property for the next 3 hours via Monopoly.  We had ice cream and cake before Dinner, why not, amidst lots of laughter and love right throughout the day. The family did well to the extent that I got permission to take pictures on the morning walk with my son and daughter walking backwards as they like their privacy. Hardly a phone or gadget inside except to order some food.

Living in the ‘Present’ or the ‘Now’ is most important for anyone because it’s in those days, hours or moments that you experience returned love, a seed you planted when you made a choice of how to live your life. And for me that’s all the time.

Today I am grateful for a new day despite still being sidelined from running, but this too shall pass (very soon).

Bouncing back.

Run Walk Run

Ocean DiamondBouncing back.

It’s only 4 days since I hurt my back during a long planned, but not completed Marathon and I have already made some decisions of how to move forward. This is what I wrote to a friend just now.

‘Just thinking about the bouncing back. Have to place a demand on my wisdom to talk sense to me. This may sound funny but whilst I love running I now need to concentrate on running my business. That’s the other motivating and inspiring force. Make Life Better’. If you can keep a secret (it’s not really a secret) I have already found another race.’

In life we can become so obsessed with something that we easily sacrifice our path of purpose. We have to make decisions and go back to where we should be, whilst our obsession needs to be tamed so it is fit for the purpose.

And then I received a most encouraging mail, Thank you, you know who you are.

‘Like in your “Marathon career” success and lessons learned will be part of the road. Talk your goals. Many people don’t do that because they are afraid of the feedback of others in case they do not reach their goals.

You stand for your goals. And you know what –  I have never seen a successful person achieving his or her vision and goals on a straight road forward.

Singapore – here I come.



Run Walk Run

Setbacks are inevitable in life. Don’t ever react to it, but respond. Never let the thought of failure enter your mind because of a setback. There is absolutely no need for it. Just give thanks for the situation and you’re back on your way to victory.

IMG_0202Apart from it being pretty cold early in the morning, it looked like the perfect day to accomplish the goal of running a qualifying Marathon for London 2017. The training during all the previous months went well, I felt strong and ready to conquer. There was only one major point I neglected in all my preparation. I didn’t really know what it meant to run a trail Marathon. And Trail it was. Everything went as planned, the time was perfect (a little too fast) until I jumped one jump to many attempting to navigate the path at 10 miles into the race. A sharp pain in my Back signaled the beginning of the end. By Mile 11 I was in excruciating pain and ceased up. Holding my back and ribs with both hands, I hobbled on to Mile 14.27 where I found my daughter and some medical staff to attend to me.

Pain Marathon

Not too sure about the statement ‘Pain is just weakness leaving the body’ on my race number 426. It felt more like the opposite. A few days rest and recovery will give me time to give thanks, reflect and come up with a response and plan.

This too shall pass.




Run Walk Run

Ordinary People, we’re just ordinary?

I don’t think so, I would say we are extra-ordinary. Every one of us, doesn’t matter where we live, where we have been born, who our parents are or from who we descent. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. And every one is unique, an ORIGINAL. There is only one Gertraud (Strong Spear) Walters in this whole wide universe. There may be a few more named Gertraud but I haven’t met any yet who are like me. And I’ve lived 65+ years now. So if we teach our Children from a young age that they are not ordinary, they’ll turn out Extra Extra Ordinary.

Look in the Mirror, past all your imperfections and pull out the Extraordinary You. And because we are Extra Ordinary nothing is going to be too hard to do.


There is me, running most probably another muddy Marathon on Saturday. You may call me crazy, but this is a requirement for the non ordinary people. And I don’t care about anyone’s opinion as long as I know that whatever I do or say will MAKE LIFE BETTER for everyone.

I know that you have it in you to be Extra Ordinary, without showing off.

Be Yourself, Wonderful, Unique and Special.

Day 23,896 of my Life

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Blogpost #WriteAndRunMG_0137_#RunAndWrite

It has taken me more than 2 years to get back to put my pen to paper again. The post below was a halfhearted attempt and finally 6 months later I’m determined to continue to #RunAndWrite.

Day 23,896 of my life makes me 65 Years 5 Months and 2 Days young. The day I ran my first Marathon. Very,very wet weather, blistering wind,  muddy, slippery paths to run on and huge puddles of water to jump over or just run through them. That’s not what I imagined it to be, but whilst running it reminded me of Life’s seasons, the very difficult years we have been traveling through.

When you’re determined to follow your dreams and become engaged to the vision, resistance rears it’s ugly head.  But the moment you find a way to get around or through the obstacles you’ll surprise yourself. So Day 23,896 is a day of ultimate victory and success. It only took 5 Hours 9 minutes and 18 seconds on the day, but it required a Mindset shift, changed lifestyle  and many hours of training. What next I hear you ask. One thing is for sure I’ll continue running, but I’ll employ the same doggedness in my business adventures. There is a Red Carpet for me to walk,  a Road to Diamond to run. January 2016 will mark the beginning of this journey and I’m getting ready.