All Change

All Change

Change Your Life

When you live in a beautiful city like London you are mostly reliant on Public Transport to get you from one place to another. No longer is it more convenient to jump in the car (unless you go shopping or 200 meters down the road in your local area) and head to wherever you need to be.Travelling in London Town on public transport during Rush Hour has become very stressful.  But since I’m no longer a participant in this race, having qualified a few years ago for my “Freedom Pass” (meaning FREE travel) I do love to go through Town using the Underground, Buses and trains available.

A brilliant comatcha-breaknvenience, especially when I get carried away on my long runs and end up far from home. I just jump on the bus, relax knowing that I’ve achieved my goal for the day, maybe sipping on my Energy Drink and getting off 2 minutes from home. This, of course, would be the ideal scenario. And then life gets in the way, or rather London Transport has different plans. All Change is the message, ‘All Change this Bus terminates here. Make sure you take all your belongings before you leave the Bus or Train’.

What to do? No Talk or complaining will change the situation. London transport is not interested in the inconvenience it causes, neither in the plans, you have.  You have no choice in this matter. Get out and off and wait for the next one. And then the next one is overcrowded, you can’t get back on. The one after takes an eternity to arrive and then you encounter the same scenario as with the previous one. You’re stuck unless you decide to move forward and start walking. 

All too often in Life, we find ourselves in the ‘All Change ‘call, not looking for alternative choices we can make. I have learned that for every situation in Life there is an ever-flowing supply of Changes available.  We all have a ‘Freedom Pass’ we can use. For most of us, this Freedom Pass is buried deep in our fears of what Change may bring. Instead of making use of our FREEDOM of choice, we get stuck in the line for the Bus. 

Do you ever feel that way? And do you allow it to intimidate you to the extent that you resign yourself to the fact, that there is nothing you can do about a given situation but to stand still? 

I must admit that after a good life with its ups and downs I nearly got nailed to the ground on this one. The voice in my head chatting incessantly that this is the way it’s gonna be, nothing you can do about it. 

Just one glimpse back to the past reminded me that ‘Life begins at Change, that’s all it took to silence that voice. One tiny step at a time I crawled and eventually climbed out of the hole. 

I discovered that I had to make the Choice, no one else could take my place. There is much more to My Story, it has evolved into a Healthy New me  and the Hope that I can live this Healthy lifestyle into my older age. 

Enter Prime Shape Revolution


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Define Your Prime – A True Story

Define Your Prime – A True Story


I am not one for giving up. I must admit that the production of this video brought me very close to abandoning it all. It’s far from being good and the last spoken  Statement is incorrect. It’s the Future which makes the Present happen. Please forgive me but I believe that in time to come I’ll use this video as a proof that I did start at the beginning. Feel free to contribute constructive criticism. That’s me done for today. Brain dead cool

Life has its ups and downs if we give it permission. Would it be Ok if I’ll tell you a story?  Okay, let’s go. Now I’ll step aside whilst you admire the scenery behind me
I am Gertraud Walters and I am an OMAPreneur. OMAPreneur I hear you ask. At the moment I’m on the veranda of our supposed Retirement Home in Jamaica. It doesn’t look like we’re going to make it there for the purpose of retiring. Things have changed,I’ll be going back home to London in a couple of weeks, having been away for nearly 2 months.
1970 I left Germany to study in Paris. Whilst on a holiday in London in 1974 I met a young man and never went back to Paris, except to collect my belongings.
Fast forward 39 Years. I am a proud OMA to Twin Grandchildren, Mother to a Son, Daughter and Daughter in Law and yes I am still with the slightly older young man.
We’ve had a fabulous life, working very, very hard through good and bad times. And then Disaster struck in 2008/2009, you could call it a Lifetimes Work wiped out. Remember what I said at the beginning. You can become a Victim or you can Choose to rise up again.
So I chose the latter. Today I am a Network Marketing PRO. It’s my Mission to Make Life Better. I am convinced that The Best is Yet to Come” because the Best is always in the future.
I am ‘Defining My Prime’ a new and exciting Mission to Help Millions to Make Life better. I’m in my best Health, best Shape and best Weight for nearly 30years.
Oh  nearly forgot  OMApreneur means One More Acceleration using Network Marketing as the Tool.
That’s it for today. Remember The Future makes the Present happen. It’s never too late to start to “Define Your Prime. Thank You.

Make Life Better through Change


just do itDo we all strive To Make Life Better?

Constant Changes in this fast moving Life tend to derail us at times. I came across these words this morning . Do what you can with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt.

A profound statement, adding to the words I listened to the evening before by one of my Mentors in my Primary Company, Jim Fobair.

Take four minutes out of your busy Life to watch this Video. Click NOW and  JUST DO IT.