Don’t just listen, Do It!

Don’t just listen, Do It!

Change Your Life


Since I injured myself in May 2016 whilst running a Marathon, I’ve been struggling with the same injury. After working with an Osteopath and a Sports clinic I improved slightly but the pain resurfaced. It’s not that I didn’t get the correct advice, it’s that I didn’t keep up with the prescription of daily action.  My dream of running the 2018 London Marathon in a ‘Good for Age’ category time slowly disappeared. This made me kind of miserable,  but also triggered me to have another attempt to set the record straight.

I found a Massage Therapist*, with a ‘No Hands Massage approach’ who independently discovered the same issue and got to work on it. I also went back on a 100 miles trip to revisit the Injury clinic who diagnosed the damage at first. The culprit was again identified as my running style, but this time whilst out for a run with the Running Coach I had the magic Light bulb moment.

Guess what? I embraced the recommendation of changing my running intervals, created a running mantra and returned to the road. For 3 weeks I talked to myself during running, ‘ Relax your Ankles, Bent your Knees, Relax your body, Go with the flow ‘ and dare I say I’m gliding along the highways and bye-ways in a newly revived fashion, achieving much better interval times with and restored Hope that I have more than enough to reach  my goal.

A conclusion of the matter.  I had to re-visit my own saying that it’s ‘Never too late to Fix it’. And I also had to accept that I had to let go of my way of doing things. The  Mantra I created helped me to change my lenses, the way I looked at the apparent mountain and slowly and surely the mountains are coming down.

Most of you know that I use the Run Walk Run method by Jeff Galloway, using a 40sec/20sec interval. The first 2 weeks I changed to 5 min/1 min and now I’m using 11 min/1 min. My average pace over 1k is now 6:48 minutes, Hills, Traffic lights and avoiding pedestrians inclusive.

On Tuesday I found the best Interval method for myself.  Run 2k – Walk 1minute. My fastest 10k for a long time at an average pace of 6.14km , even though I attribute the increase of pace to less traffic on the road, enabling me to run without stopping too often.

kent-road-runnersMore than enough to run my qualifying time of under 5 hours in May.  All I need to do now is to maintain what I attained, stick to the training schedule and just run. That’s the big secret in life.

whenever you take up a challenge, just stick to it, whether it’s hail rain or in sunshine.

Get in touch if you want to know more about TRANSFORM U, a new way to reclaim your ultimate health. Easy to do!


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Kent Road Runners.

All Change

All Change

Change Your Life

When you live in a beautiful city like London you are mostly reliant on Public Transport to get you from one place to another. No longer is it more convenient to jump in the car (unless you go shopping or 200 meters down the road in your local area) and head to wherever you need to be.Travelling in London Town on public transport during Rush Hour has become very stressful.  But since I’m no longer a participant in this race, having qualified a few years ago for my “Freedom Pass” (meaning FREE travel) I do love to go through Town using the Underground, Buses and trains available.

A brilliant comatcha-breaknvenience, especially when I get carried away on my long runs and end up far from home. I just jump on the bus, relax knowing that I’ve achieved my goal for the day, maybe sipping on my Energy Drink and getting off 2 minutes from home. This, of course, would be the ideal scenario. And then life gets in the way, or rather London Transport has different plans. All Change is the message, ‘All Change this Bus terminates here. Make sure you take all your belongings before you leave the Bus or Train’.

What to do? No Talk or complaining will change the situation. London transport is not interested in the inconvenience it causes, neither in the plans, you have.  You have no choice in this matter. Get out and off and wait for the next one. And then the next one is overcrowded, you can’t get back on. The one after takes an eternity to arrive and then you encounter the same scenario as with the previous one. You’re stuck unless you decide to move forward and start walking. 

All too often in Life, we find ourselves in the ‘All Change ‘call, not looking for alternative choices we can make. I have learned that for every situation in Life there is an ever-flowing supply of Changes available.  We all have a ‘Freedom Pass’ we can use. For most of us, this Freedom Pass is buried deep in our fears of what Change may bring. Instead of making use of our FREEDOM of choice, we get stuck in the line for the Bus. 

Do you ever feel that way? And do you allow it to intimidate you to the extent that you resign yourself to the fact, that there is nothing you can do about a given situation but to stand still? 

I must admit that after a good life with its ups and downs I nearly got nailed to the ground on this one. The voice in my head chatting incessantly that this is the way it’s gonna be, nothing you can do about it. 

Just one glimpse back to the past reminded me that ‘Life begins at Change, that’s all it took to silence that voice. One tiny step at a time I crawled and eventually climbed out of the hole. 

I discovered that I had to make the Choice, no one else could take my place. There is much more to My Story, it has evolved into a Healthy New me  and the Hope that I can live this Healthy lifestyle into my older age. 

Three words for 2017

Three words for 2017

Change Your Life

My three words for 2017 have been borne out of a conviction that anything is possible if I believe.

Hope  – Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.(Pliny the Elder)

Focus – the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition

Health – the state of being free from illness or injury

Hope –  a strong pillar which has helped me to ride out and overcome the ever-present resistance in most probably everyone’s life.

 “Hope,” Beethoven cried, “you forge the heart into steel.” Hope is confidence. Hope is determination. Hope is courage. And faith is the ultimate expression of hope. Belief fortifies the heart.

Focus –  is borne out of the same hope to know, that the clear vision of my purpose in life demands unbroken focus to work towards that vision to accomplish it.

Health –  without that same hope and focus I would not be secure in the knowledge that I can live a healthy live for the rest of my time. I would say that opening myself to education in respect of health and appropriate lifestyle I would never have the hope and vision that Yes,  I most probably can run until I’m 100 years old. This doesn’t mean I will 🙂

And out of these 3 words comes my passion to make sure that I tell the ‘Good News’ that there is a better way to live one’s life. I deliver the message, YOU choose.

Life begins at Change!

What has the threading of a sewing machine needle got to do with my mindset?

What has the threading of a sewing machine needle got to do with my mindset?

Change Your Life

Coming off a slow meltdown weekend where I seriously questioned my apparent inability to move forwards. Activities which I used to enjoy as a balance to my Business endeavours have kind of derailed me.

Frustration set in when I literally spent all night until 5am in the morning to complete a once intermediate level assignment to screw it all up yet again.

So when I got up a few hours later I refused to go back to the same activity and spent the day differently. Normally I would have gone for a run, but due to a lingering slight cough I chose the next best thing. Alterations to the clothes I plan to take with me to Singapore in December as it’s the middle of summer there. I promised to deal with one item per day.

What happened next threw me off track and challenged me to re-think and make some changes. Not even the needle threader was good enough for me push the thread through the hole. Complete Idiots guide of how to thread a sewing machine needle did not help.

I conceded defeat for the day and packed it up.  Being me, this incident  got me in ‘Thinking overdrive’ which slowly melted down into some sweet revelation. At 65+ I live in a time where we as a generation are slowly overlooked as the demands of a 21st century thinking are too fast and furious for us. So instead of looking into ‘How can I overcome this’ we’ll pack it up and resign ourselves to a life of ‘I can’t do this anymore’

I am a Boomer and coming from the old time school of thought, I also enjoy the status of ‘Oma will fix it’ in my family. I fixed things all my life and I don’t just mean fixed things, I applied on a regular pattern Lifestyle Changes so that I could move forward.

Conventional wisdom says that when something is worn out we discard it. It’s simply too used up and too rundown.  It will never be what it once was. But there’s a different school of thought, a better school of thought with this simple two word counter-argument to that conventional wisdom.  FIX IT! 

Nothing is ever too worn, too  run down or too long gone.  You get the tools and skills you need to fix it, to go from old to  good as new and even better. It may take another reason, a new perspective but it’s never too late to be in the Prime of your Life.

How did I fix it? I realised that the natural light was inadequate, a missing light bulb did not help and starting with a black item was definitely not a good beginning. In a nutshell my timing for the task was wrong. Yesterday I my response to the dilemma was perfect. I waited for mid morning when the sun was shining and finished 2 garments, the black one to go first. And the needle Threader worked perfectly.

The moral of the story, go with the flow, don’t expect or compare outcomes to be the same you had 20 or 30 years ago. Re-invent yourself on a daily basis, make sure you change some habits so that you can enjoy your season and the fruits of your labour. The only competition you have is with yourself. And you have done pretty well so far, the best is yet to come.


How to turn the clock back in 3 simple steps

How to turn the clock back in 3 simple steps

Change Your Life

Cleanse – Balance – Build

I wonder why inspiration comes in the middle of the night (between 3am – 4am) and when you get up a couple of hours later the same thoughts have evaporated into thin air. Not all is lost, I remember some.

It’s been niggling me for a few weeks that something had to shift, another gear to be used to move forward. It was not necessarily complacency  but a  promise to help out with some task far greater than imagined. Overwhelm set in and unless it was confronted I was heading for excessive stress, piling more challenges into my daily life. The challenge has been successfully completed with a brilliant outcome for all parties involved, WIN, WIN, WIN!

Don’t we all find ourselves in similar situations which inadvertently are created by our own selves, time after time, and at some point we’re giving up, sliding into ‘I can’t cope territory’ to maybe never return to our purpose in life? Sounds dramatic, but unfortunately it’s very real.

So what about 3 steps to return order, enjoyment, mental and physical improvement and most of all the ‘Love of the Life we ought to live?

It is ‘Easy to do’ and of course ‘Easy not to do’, but that’s for you to decide. I call it stepping it up. Do it from Head to Toe.

Step 1 – Clear out and clean your mind.

  • Observe what you’re thinking and saying. delete the phrase ‘ I can’t do it with ‘How can I do it?’
  • Close down the chatter in your head by talking back to it. Sounds funny? It’s very powerful when you realise that just by muttering a good ‘be quiet and get lost’ will become.
  • Learn how to put yourself first at the expense of appearing to be selfish.You might have to introduce the phrase ‘No, I can’t help this time’ to your vocabulary.

Step 2 – Balance your Lifestyle.

  • Start tweaking your eating habits.
  • A little more water and a little less sugar? Easy to do. one glass and one spoon at a time.Get moving.

Step 3 – Start tweaking your lifestyle.

  • All it takes is your 2 feet, some flat shoes, your house key and 10 minutes of your time. If it’s raining you might want to take an umbrella with you.
  • One foot in front of the other.Walk at a pace which stops you from thinking. And remember, no handbag, this is not a shopping or window shopping walk. This is a Stress buster walk.

Start from the beginning with the end in mind and don’t skip any step, you’re bound to drip up. It’s as easy as that. Every Challenge in life carries a provision, meaning that there is a  solution to it. The solution has got to be YOU, nothing or nobody else.

Life begins at Change.  Oh Yes, You Can.

“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else.”– JUDY GARLAND

Three Score Six.

Three Score Six.

Change Your Life

These are the days of my life so far and I call it Three Score six because it sounds much nicer then 66.

It was indeed a magnificent day, the 5th of June 2016, a day and time in the ‘Present’. Surrounded by my family who told me that whatever I wanted to do would be their command for the day. And since I planned to do absolutely nothing they had not much to fear.

We walked early in the morning, followed by a simple but together Breakfast. Next stop was the garden playing some Ballgames where I did win the Netball Challenge before moving on to some  therapeutic gardening and Board games. Shaking of heads by the grandchildren about my gardening, they went on to make some money, buying property for the next 3 hours via Monopoly.  We had ice cream and cake before Dinner, why not, amidst lots of laughter and love right throughout the day. The family did well to the extent that I got permission to take pictures on the morning walk with my son and daughter walking backwards as they like their privacy. Hardly a phone or gadget inside except to order some food.

Living in the ‘Present’ or the ‘Now’ is most important for anyone because it’s in those days, hours or moments that you experience returned love, a seed you planted when you made a choice of how to live your life. And for me that’s all the time.

Today I am grateful for a new day despite still being sidelined from running, but this too shall pass (very soon).