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Life begins at Change

It’s 1pm and all you can think of is crawling back into bed. After work everyone is begging you to hang  out, but you don’t have the energy. Frozen pizza, chips, cookies and CSI reruns are your best friends these days. You’re too tired and don’t feel like spending time with Mr. and Miss Smiley.

It’s tough. But, you’re not alone. Millions of  people live the way you do, suffering with fatigue, constantly exhausted, deflated energy, carrying excess  weight and your Cholesterol level is going through the roof– missing out on life while others enjoy it.

The good news is you can fix it – if you’re willing to make a few changes. And that’s what this site’s all about: Guiding you toward those changes. Take back control of your life…change and all.

Why You WILL Succeed…This Time

Success has become a foreign word to you, it looks like your life got buried in the 21st century furiously fast changing world. But there is a way out.  I’m Gertraud and I want to help you feel like moving again, like being an active member in your own life instead of a passive onlooker of others life. If you want to finally enjoy the activities you’ve been missing out on, lower your chances of developing life-altering diseases, and finally lose weight that’s been keeping you tired and out of sorts, stay here.

How do I know how you feel?

 I’ve been there. Back in 2009, we lost almost everything. Homes and properties that used to help us generate income were gone. Our pensions, gone. My blood pressure skyrocketed. At any given moment in the day, I was in tears. My health was wrecked. My emotional state, shot. And our money vanished. The only way to turn that around was to embrace change yet again and slowly climb out of that deep, dark hole.

 Today, I run my own Network Marketing, the Business of the 21st Century,  as well as 5K’s, 10K’s and maybe a marathon in the near future. I I am also a  member of the “Make Life Better Movement, the mission of Unicity International.

I’m no longer a victim of my high blood pressure nor a slave to constant stress. The sweetest of all is that I’m back to a weight and figure I enjoyed more than 25 years ago. I’m a very active grandmother (Oma) to 2 beautiful grandchildren making my life good every day. Persistence and consistence always brings success.

Life is good. Again.

Making change doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s not an overnight process, but once you make the decison to start living again it won’t take too long. Time is on your side. Sign up for Changes and I’ll help you do it with weekly actionable tips and tricks to take you to the place where you’re happy and loving the life you have and all of the changes that come with it.

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