Three words for 2017

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My three words for 2017 have been borne out of a conviction that anything is possible if I believe. Hope  - Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.(Pliny the Elder) Focus - the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition Health - the state of

What has the threading of a sewing machine needle got to do with my mindset?

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Coming off a slow meltdown weekend where I seriously questioned my apparent inability to move forwards. Activities which I used to enjoy as a balance to my Business endeavours have kind of derailed me. Frustration set in when I literally spent all night until 5am in the morning to complete a once intermediate level assignment to

Bouncing back.

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It's only 4 days since I hurt my back during a long planned, but not completed Marathon and I have already made some decisions of how to move forward. This is what I wrote to a friend just now. 'Just thinking about the bouncing back. Have to place a demand on my wisdom to talk


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Setbacks are inevitable in life. Don't ever react to it, but respond. Never let the thought of failure enter your mind because of a setback. There is absolutely no need for it. Just give thanks for the situation and you're back on your way to victory. Apart from it being pretty cold early in the

Not too late to Fix It!

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